Doctor! Doctor!!

About The Show

Doctor! Doctor!! is a knock-about, laugh-til-it-hurts comedy for family audiences, rewriting the rulebook on our relationship with Doctors, Nurses, Ambulances, Medicine, and all that’s left of our beloved NHS. Laughter may well be the best and only ‘free at the point of delivery’ medicine we have remaining.

Pre-show interactive A&E Unit

Additionally on offer is the interactive A&E Unit.An hour long interactive installation during the final stage of setting up the Doctor! Doctor!! show, where the three characters attempt to recruit new doctors and nurses from the crowd, shorten surgical waiting lists by teaching farcical DIY procedures, and conduct medical experiments on the audience.

More on the show…

Doctor! Doctor!!is a 3 hander small scale touring show with a big heart and bigger impact. Using a blend of physical comedy, dance, drama and pathos to break down our collective fears around sickness and health, doctors and disease, medicine and death. The show will bring audiences together, uniting them in belly laughs at ridiculous, funny and absurd ideas embodied in farcical play.

Doctor! Doctor!!is inspired by Buster Keaton, Gecko, Avanti Display, Ramshacklicious, Green Wing, M.A.S.H., 30 Rock and James Thierree.

The Doctor! Doctor!! audience development plan targets disabled audiences to join in alongside local disability theatre groups, on the front row in the public space. Safetycatch Theatre’s Garth Williams is an associate artist of Stepping Out Theatre (SOT), the country’s leading mental health theatre company, with over 60 successful productions to their credit. Wrap around activities include developing a “Lab Rat” workshop package for mental health and disability theatre groups in consultation with Stepping Out Theatre and Proud and Loud Arts. We will pilot these workshops with members of Stepping Out’s service user community drama group. Additionally we will deliver silent clown and devising workshops for students of Edge Hill University and The Circus House youth class here in Manchester.

The Doctor! Doctor!! Team

  • A Collaboration – Safetycatch Theatre with Foolsize Theatre.
  • Performed by Garth Williams with Joanne Tremarco & Chris Murray.
  • Co-produced by Stepping Out Theatre & Safetycatch Theatre.
  • Directed by Aitor Bassauri from Spymonkey.
  • Dramaturgy from James Macpherson from Artizani Street Theatre.
  • Project Mentoringfrom Jeremy Shine, Artistic Director of MIA & SIRF.
  • Set Design& Making from Ian Broscomb.
  • Movement Directionfrom Kevin Edward Turner of Company Chameleon.
  • Comedy Choreographyfrom Susan Guest of Articulate Elbow.
  • Disability Access Consultationfrom Tom Hogan of Proud & Loud Arts.
  • Mental Health Access Consultationfrom Stepping Out Theatre.
  • Space tomakethe show provided by 101 Outdoor Arts and Manchester’s family venue Z Arts. Further residency support is lining up.
  • Gigs are already confirmed, including 2 days at SIRF in early July, and 1-2 days at Edge Hill University at the end of October. Additional gigs are pencilled with more coming in including European festivals.

Project Timeline

Phase 1 (Complete) Initial R&D.  Following 1 week of devising, a 2 hander scratch version was performed at Rawtenstall Fair during summer 2018. Stepping Out Theatre supported this phase with an initial £500 for rehearsal space and extra prop costs.

Phase 2 (Complete) FromOctober 1st to 19th 2018, Garth participated in the Clown Creation School workshop in London with masters of clown Spymonkey, principally lead by Aitor Bassauri, Director for Doctor! Doctor!!.

Phase 3 An Arts Council G4A application will be submitted at the end of October. From November 2018 to January 2019 a storyboard and outline script will be developed ready to devise from. SOT will confirm £5,000 match funding.

Phase 4The cast will spend five days devising with director Aitor Bassauri. Budgets will be agreed, funding confirmed, gigs pencilled or confirmed and contracts agreed.

Phase 5March to May 2019. Further 5 days devising with Aitor. 5 weeks of making the show in total including devising and consultations. Design and making, workshop planning and pilot workshop delivery, Rehearsals at 101, Z Arts, and other supporting partner venues. First gig at Bath Fringe. Workshops in Bristol held for SOT.

Phase 6 July 2019.Garth will take part in the Outdoor Laboratory Experience as part of Crateres Surfaces Festival in Ales, France; networking, developing the concept for overseas touring and pitching Doctor! Doctor!! to European festival promoters.

Phase 7 The show will be performed at SIRF 2019, with other pencilled dates spread over the summer, including potential gigs with an additional residency in The Netherlands. The season will finish with performances at Edge Hill University in October 2019 alongside workshops for performing arts department students.

Production Information:

  • 2 x 45 minute shows per day.
  • 2 x 1 hour pre-show A&E Unitinstallation with 2 performers at a time.
  • Cost: £1200 per day including for prep and travel day prior. £2100 for 2 days.
  • Travel / accommodation separate. 45p per mile.
  • 90 mins get in. 90 minute reset. 60 mins get out.
  • Minimum 90 mins downtime between shows and installations.
  • Area steward availability required during set up and shows and between shows.
  • Proof of full liability performer & show insurance provided at contract stage.

Technical Requirements – Power, Light, Sound & Other:

  • 8 x 6 metre performing area (ideal) + surrounding audience area.
  • Van Parking – overnight if 60 + miles from Manchester.
  • For multiple day bookings – a secure area is required for overnight rig storage and or 8 x sections of standard Heras fencing plus feet and connectors.
  • 16 amp power & converter for 13 amp standard plug power bank for batteries / electric set elements, PA and lights.
  • Cable traps for power cables.
  • Extra Lighting & Sound – to be provided if required. Lighting for evening shows only or in a light restricted space. Optionally can be provided at min extra cost.

Relevant Experience:

  • 15 years of professional acting and street theatre performing / touring experience including extensive touring and devising with Avanti Display, Artizani Street Theatre, The Whalley Range All Stars, and Ramshacklicious.
  • 5 years of acting training (including a 1st class B.A. (Hons) degree in acting from The Arden School of Theatre, credited by University of Manchester) and an HNC Acting from Telford College Edinburgh.
  • Completed the Theodora Children’s Trust Clown Doctor training programme (an 18 month process focusing on all aspects of improvisational interactive comedy for children and families in Children’s Hospital settings).
  • Extensive clown training (including masterclasses with 7 world renowned clown teachers including Philippe Gaulier and John Wright, as well as a total of 5 weeks with the show’s director Aitor Bassauri of Spymonkey).
  • 10 years creative professional development through extensive training with long term Grotowski associate Gey Pin Ang, in over 19 workshops, using Stanislavski based acting technique and Tai Chi as a basis for physical & vocal actor training.
  • NASA UK Steering group member of 6 + years. Annual street artist workshop and peer gathering FLOI (For the Love Of It) co-organiser.
  • Filmmaker and videographer with over 50 promotional films for theatre, music videos and showreels to credit.