Reviews and Feedback

G.I.Ronimo (2005) by Garth Williams

A disillusioned soldier wants out of the army. He mounts Operation Deep Fill, hoping to fast-track his ticket home. The objective – to get too fat to fight. But what will he do when nominated for a medal? Does the world have room for big fat heroes?

Directed by Charlotte Allan

Performed by Garth Williams and Corey McVann.
With soundscape composed by Corey McVann.

“The actors navigate the script with talent and ease” ****

3 weeks – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Ikiru (2002) by Avril Heffernan, Geoff Inwood & Garth Williams

A young navvie and his uncle narrate this story of two generations of irish immigrant workers. With tales of Dublin streets and family dramas to horror stories of working in dire circumstances here in England. The play has a Beckett-like take on the work and life experiences of this laurel and hardy duo. It culminates in the audiences ghostly realisation that it hasn’t so much seen a play, but actually taken part in a wake.

Performed by Garth Williams and Geoff Inwood.
Multimedia visuals by Garth Williams.

“The most substantial work of those considered here and a remarkably sustained and intricate achievement.”

A Year in the Theatre – Greater Manchester 2002-2003.


Outdoor Theatre

MariachoO! – touring since 2009 

Strolling Musical Comedy with a Twist & Shout! 

Click to see the video trailer;

A hopeful romantic on guitar with a giant amigo on ukulele! This couple of unlikely Mariachi wild-things cajole and serenade ‘el general publico’, while competing for lead songsterino!

Picking the right song for the moment; from Perfect Day to the Blues Brothers or the Jungle Book to Love Me Tender… Nacho and Moustachio are ready to whisk you off your feet with a romantic melody and a golden oldie!!


“Great Shows…”  Jeremy Shine – Streets Ahead 

“I thought it was just going to be funny but that was beautiful too!”  Jennifer (Bridesmaid)

 “Watch the Birdie!” – touring since 2011 

The Vintage ‘Paper Moon’ Portrait Studio… 

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An Old Fashioned Photographer from the Silent Movie era, dresses up and poses volunteers for portraits on a paper moon… The mini darkroom magically develops real prints for keepsakes & springs the odd surprise too! How will your picture turn out?!?


“Thanks for your lovely show! … We had really good feedback about it & people really enjoyed it…”   Producer – Walk the Plank 

“The one thing everyone was talking about!”  Julie Tait – Lakes Alive


Reviews & Feedback 

  • “Our Associate Artist Garth Williams is an inspirational figure. An extraordinarily talented artist who combines skills as a writer, physical performer, film maker and digital artist.” Steve Hennessey – Artistic Director of Stepping Out Theatre
  • “I assure you that he has shown such a rare quality.” Gey Pin Ang
  • “The one thing everyone was talking about!” Julie Tait – Producer, Lakes Alive
  • “The actors navigated the script with talent and ease.” **** G.I.Ronimo 3 Weeks, Edinburgh
  • “Garth was an absolute trooper. Everyone was delighted.” Producer – Cartwheel Arts
  • “Thanks for your lovely show! People really enjoyed it.” Producer – Walk the Plank 
  • Great feedback. Well done!Fools Paradise – Agent for Safetycatch Theatre’s Watch the Birdie!
  • “Garth Williams is a perfect balance of intermittently emotionally detached and emotionally drained War Photographer Mark.” Spring Reign The Reviews Hub
  • “The most substantial work of those considered here, and a remarkably sustained and intricate achievement.” Ikiru – A Year in the Theatre – Greater Manchester
  • Strong improvisational and clowning skills. He has very strong musical skills. He is adaptable and able to take in his stride the unconventional circumstances thrown up by street theatre.”                     James Macpherson, former tutor & Director of Artizani Street Theatre
  • As well as creating his own work, he is a very experienced and highly skilled performer who is much in demand by other companies as a performer and collaborator, making him a key player in the outdoor arts scene in the North of England… He is tackling challenging material with a clever combination of intellectual rigour and creative flair.”  Maggie Clarke, Director of XTRAX and Without Walls
  • ”The depth and variety of training and experience he has as a physical theatre and clown performer has fed into numerous unique and engaging street theatre shows, as collaborator, performer and deviser – equally at home and creatively alive as a solo artist or ensemble member. The quality of this work is all underpinned by a thorough actor training, with a commitment and sure methodology to uncover the truth of character and narrative, combined with a sharp and searching intelligence…  I was always amazed at the scope of ambition, energy, skill and commitment with which he approached the work.”           Benedict Power, independent director and former collaborator
  • One of the leading street performers in the north west.” Angela Chappel, ACE Combined Arts 
  • “I have known Garth Williams since 1999 when he was an undergraduate on BA (Hons) Acting Studies at the Arden School of Theatre in Manchester. This course provided a thorough practical training for actors combined with a rigorous academic programme, the latter part taken only by a small number of students in each cohort as it involved an extra year of study. This part of the programme provided a great deal of scope for students to make their own original performance work and Garth embraced this with a passion, creating work of a high artistic standard that also enjoyed critical success.
    He has an 
    ‘omnivorous’ approach to learning whereby he has developed considerable skill in multimedia performance, film and photography alongside developing his performance skills. At the same time he has enjoyed much success with his outdoor work, recreating pieces that have already been developed as well as making his own original work for outdoor performance. He is a hard-working artist who has embraced with enthusiasm all of the opportunities that have come his way. However, he has not simply waited for opportunities to present themselves but has been proactive in creating openings and in developing new and interesting performance work which is different to much other work that I have seen.” 
    Dr Alison Jeffers, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, Manchester University. 
  • “A fascinating exploration of sanity, and psychiatry. The questions the team intend to raise with this piece are currently at the forefront of societal concerns as the NHS faces a funding and resource crisis and mental health services struggle under the strain. The Royal Exchange are happy to support, where and when possible, this work under the Open Exchange programme.” Matthew Xia, former associate director, The Royal Exchange Theatre
  • “Garth uses drama to present a real-life sense of what it’s like to live through recovering from mental illness and the ensuing psychiatric treatment, in an engaging, entertaining and moving way. I’ve seen the way he is developing this work, and found it powerful and informative, as well as very good fun to watch. He hopes the production can stimulate debate and discussion among a range of audiences. I am sure it will help to create a greater understanding of mental health, including among those who have experienced mental illness themselves or in someone close to them, and those with little experience who feel uneasy, ill-informed or curious. I hope he will get the support to develop the work and to present it to a variety of audiences.” Kate Green, Labour MP for Stretford & Urmston
  • ” A huge potential to inform audiences in an engaging way about what it is like to experience mental disturbance and psychiatric treatment.” Tom Hogan, Proud & Loud Arts